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Arya Kings of Kaliyuga -IV
Arya Kings

Kushan Era

Say it destiny or whatever but the King Vikramditya's Son died at the age of 23 without marrying so after his death Chief of Army staff took the command of Empire but he was not as talented as Vikramaditya was and he lost many parts of Vikramditya's empire. 
After the death of Vikramaditya  Caste System began to rise again. Brahmans became destitute of knowledge, there could be no talk of the ignorance of the Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shoodras. Even the ancient practice of the study of the Vedas and other Shaastras with their meanings died away. As the Sanskrit language was in turmoil. The Brahmans only learnt the Vedas by note - just enough to enable them to earn their livelihood. Even that much they did teach to the Kshatriyas, and others.

As the ignorant became the teachers of the people, deceitfulness, fraud, hypocrisy, and irreligion began to increase among them. The Brahmans thought that they should make some arrangement for their livelihood. They held a council among themselves and agreed to preach to the Kshatriyas and others:- "We alone are the object of worship to you. You could never enter Heaven or obtain salvation except by our help. Should you not serve us, you shall fall into an awful Hell."

The Vedas, and the Shastras written by the Vedic sages and seers have declared men of learning and as Brahmans and worthy of respect; but here they, who were ignorant, lascivious, deceitful, licentious, lazy and irreligious, declared themselves as Brahmans and worthy of homage. But how could the sterling virtues of the righteous, learned and truth-loving Brahamans be found in them. When the Kshatriyas and others became absolutely destitute of Sanskrit learning, whatever cock and bull stories the Braahmans connected, the simpletons believed. They ensnared all in their net of hypocrisy, brought them under thorough control and began to teach:- "Whatever a Brahman declares is as infallible as words falling from Divine lips."

When the Kshatriyas and others who had more money and brains became their dupes, these so-called Brahmans got a golden opportunity of enjoying sensual pleasures adlibitum. They also declared that all the best things of the earth were meant for the Brahmans only. In other words, they subverted the whole system of Classes and Orders, and based it on the mere accident of birth, instead of on the qualifications, character and works of the people, as it originally was. They even began to accept charity given in the name of the dead, in fact they did whatever they pleased. They went even so far as to say:- "We are lords of the earth. No one can enter Heaven without serving us." The so-called Brahmans of the present day say the same thing. They took  the revenge from Shudras whose ancestors in the time of Ashoka had welcomed the idea of Shudra also performing Yagya in temples. Kshatriyas became a toy in the hands of Brahmans. Again India was divided into several sates. Kings became lazy.  

Kushan Empire in Aryavrata

The Kushans were a branch of the nomadic Yeuhchi tribe of China descendents of Ayu (Son of Arya King Pururava). The Yeuhchi tribe was in conflict with another tribe and so was forced to leave China. They came to Central Asia and then spread to Bactria, Paritha and Afghanistan. Gradually they were divided into five branches. One of these branches -- Kouel Chougang (Kushans) -- was superior to all. The Kushans under Kujala attacked the Parithans, took possessions of Ki-pin and Kabul and became the complete master of the Indian borderland.

Kujala became the first king of the Kushans and was known as Kadphises I. He was a great warrior. He was succeeded by his son Wima Kadphises known as Kadphises II. He conquered the north-western region of India. He defeated Saka, Vikramdityas Governors  in the north-west. Punjab and Sind were his dominions.

Kanishka was the most famous of the Kushan kings. It is not known how he became the king but he ascended the throne in AD 120. When Kanishka ascended the throne, his empire consisted of Afghanistan, Sind, Punjab and portions of the former Parithan and Bactrian kingdoms. He was the only king who ruled over these territories. He had two capitals at Purushpura (Peshawar now in Pakistan) and at Nooraha, Jalandhar Punjab. He was great devotee of Lord Mahadev.

Kanishka's immediate successor was Vashiska who was then succeeded by Huvishka. Mathura became the centre of Kushans. Many monuments were erected during Huvishka's reign. The last great king of Kushans was Vasudev I.

An Advanced History of Asia and S. Europe
by RC Majumdar, HC Raychaudhri, Golnar Mehran  & Dr. Abdul-Moti Bayoumi