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Arya Kings

In ancient Vedic times India was known as Aryavarta till 5,000 years ago. The Aryans were the sovereign rulers of India and the rest of the world. It is from this country that all philosophy, arts and sciences that are extant. Amidst sporadic alternations of retrogression and decadence of civilization it will again fan out to different parts of the world. The English derived the rudiments of their civilization from the Romans, they from the Greeks, and the Greeks from the Egyptians, and the Egyptians from  Aryan civilization. 

According to the scriptural description of the brahmand particularly the area of the continent that lies south of the Himalayas is called Aryavrata. It is also called Bharat Varsha named after the great King Bharat. The inhabitants of Aryavart are called the Aryans as referred to in the Rigveda. Thus, the words Bhartiya or Aryans were both used for the inhabitants of Bharatvarsh or Aryavart, however, the words Bhartiya and Bharatvarsh were more popular. Also in description we find that all world is mentioned as Bhartvarsh but that is only for the primal period. It was later God decided to seperate Land Mases and surround them with water. After the formation of and Mases surrounded by waters Aryavrata was formed.  Then God created Himalyas to make sure that Non Aryas remain outside the boundry of Aryavrata. We now know that Sanskrit Shaloks written in Grand Canyon, USA were found a couple of years ago so its quite natural that this might have happend when whole landmass was surrounded by waters. Also some Sanskrit scriptures were found in Australia in year 1987. All this is written in Aryan scriptures. If some one wants to find the truth then he should have faith in Aryan (Sanatan) Scriptures and he will be guided to the ultimate truth.

The landmass that  was given after the seperation of Gigantic Land Mass belongs to divine people Aryas is present between Himalayas and the ocean is known as . It has an expansion of 9,000 Yojans. It is populated by the descendants of Swaayambhuv  Manu. It has seven native mountains- Mahendra, Malay, Sahaya, Shuktimaan, Riksha, Vindhya and Paariyaatra. 

Aryavrata has nine divisions named Indradweep, Kaseru, Taamraparn, Gamastimaan, Naagdweep, Soumya, Gandharva, Vaarun and Yahadweep which is surrounded by the sea and has an expansion of 1000 Yojans. In the eastern part of Aryavrata, live Kiraat whereas in the western part live Yavans. In the mid part of Aryavarata, live population of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras who pass their lives engage in works ascribed to their respective class.

Rivers in Aryavarata- From the Himalayas rise Shatudri (Sutlej) and Chandrabhaaga rivers. From Paariyaatra Mountain rise Veda and Smriti rivers. Narmada and Surasa rivers rise from Vindyachal. Taapi, Payoshani and Nirvindhya rivers rise from Riksha Mountain. Godavari, Bheemrati and Krishnaveli rivers rise from Sahaya Mountains. Kritmaala and Tamraparni rivers rise from Malayaachal. Trisaama and Aryakulyaa rivers rise from Mahendragiri. Rishikulya and Kumaari rivers rise from Shuktimaan Mountain. All these rivers have scores of other branches and tributaries.

Four Yugas namely Satayug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kaliyug descend on Aryavrata. In Aryavrata, sages observe penance to attain better life in another world, people organise Yagyas and offer donations to the Brahmins respectfully. In Jambudweep, Lord Vishnu is worshipped in Yagyas. Aryavarata is the land par excellence in Jambudweep for it is a land of action. Soul passes through millions of births, only then it finds a chance to take birth in Arya and Dasuyas dynasty when its pious deeds accumulate to a certain extent. Even the gods envy those people who take birth as Aryas the follower of Sanatan Dharma. People in Aryavrata act without a desire to get fruits from their action. They dedicate their whole action to "Supreme Being Narayan" and ultimately mingle with Him.




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