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Arya Kings of Kaliyuga
Arya Kings

King Sanjit of Brihadrath Dynasty

King Sanjit was the first Emperor of United Aryavrata in Kaliyuga. He regathered Aryas which were shaken by the Mhabharta War. The Aryan civilization that was on decline was errected again by Great King Sanjit of Brihadrath dynasty  Although his name is lost in Indian History. While in Purana and Kurdish History was known to be a great conqueror, who at one point controlled one of the greatest Empires ever seen, he is best remembered for his unprecedented tolerance and magnanimous attitude towards those he defeated.

Upon his victory over the over several repulic kingdoms of North West and South  Aryavrata he founded a government for his new kingdom, incorporating both  Aryas and Dasuyas  nobles as civilian officials. The conquest of Aryavrata Minor completed, he led his armies to the western frontiers. Perisa was the first one to fall under the hands of King Sanjit. 
Then King moved to Babylon which fell under a fight of merely three hours. The Arabs smoothed and cleared a vast level plain near near Babylon.The Arab cavalry outflanked Sanjit's left and captured his camp. But, with a charge which he led himself, Sanjit routed Arabs, and the Arabs Army retired to the west.
News of Arya King coming with thousands of Elephants and Horses went to Assyria and Arabian Penusila as a result Arabs and Jewish communities surrendered with ease.
It is believed as per Kurdish History that King appointed a Arab to Govern the Arabia and returned back to Aryavrat. He stayed in Arabia for one year and constructed Brahma Temple in Mecca.
King Sanjit came close to Persian in his journey to conquer Asia West and as a result he married a Persian Girl from Teispes dynasty. He appointed his son from Persian wife as the Governer of Persia and returned back to Aryavrata.

Sanjit then became busy with the organization and administration of his empire. At the height of his power, his realm stretched from the Outer Arabia to Eastern India from Vindyachal to Tamil Naidu of South India. He planned to make Aryas and Dasuyas one Giant power. 

To achieve his goal, Sanjit encouraged intermarriages, setting an example by marrying a Dasuyan princess himself.  But this idea was not liked by the priests of Dasuayas and that led to the downfall of King Sanjit who died mystriously.


King Sanjit's Empire
In between red lines lies the empire of King Sanjit