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"India was the mother of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages. She was the mother of our philosophy, mother through the Arabs, of  our mathematics, mother through Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity and Islam , mother through village communities of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all."

- Will Durant-

"If there is one place on the face of this Earth "where all the dreams of living men have found a home "from the very earliest days when Man began the dream of"existence, it is India."

- Romain Rolland - French Philosopher 1886-11944





 The word "arya" was used for people who cultivated the mind and character. The "aryans" were the inhabitants of Aryavrata(India) and they followed Sanatan Dharma for at least a few thousand years in the past, who spoke Sanskrit and practised the Vedic culture along the banks of the rivers Saraswati and Sindhu. There was no invasion of the aryan-race in India, causing the destruction of property and massacre of the aboriginals and of the so-called Dravidian people. Aryas (Hindus) have maintained the oldestand most authentic records of the ancient world, in the Vedas and Puraan, and accordingly, the Dravidians were the early offshoots of the Vedic people through Sage Agastya. After separating from their original homeland in the arctic regions, and later, from the regions of Caspian Sea, the Vedics appear to have migrated across the globe. This explains the commonality and affinity of the most ancient languages with Sanskrit. The customs, expressions and traditions of the Greek, Iranians, Egyptians with that of the Vedics is also apparent from the evidence presented in the preceding article.

The annals of astronomical configurations in the Rg Veda and Samhitas indicate a date of 23000 B.C. when the early stages of the these texts were revived again. The literary works on ancient India provide long lists of kings, their genealogies and ancestries. First Arya of this Kalpa was Swayambhuva Manu, his Son Ikshvaku was the founder of Arya Kingdom. It was  was in 3138 B.C roughly that the great Mahabharata War was fought, as calculated from literary, archaeological and astronomical examinations. Although with Astronomical evidence we can get back to the times of 29,000 BC but we dont have any archeological evidence about that as archeological evidence is till 14,200 BC.  

Chandragupta Maurya, the grandfather of Maurya Ashoka, with the assistance of Arya Chanakya captured power and was coronated as the emperor of India in 324 B.C. The foremost of all philosophers and the greatest proponents of the Advaita school of thought, Aadi Shankaracharya, was born in 509 B.C. The end of the Maurya dynasty, and the rise of the Vardhan and Gupta dynasty began in 57 B.C. It was an era when Gupta Chandragupta,  Vikramditya ruled Asia. The rule of the Vikramaditya and Maurya is recorded as the "Golden Age" in the history of India, when all the facets of civilization, art and architecture, polity and politics, wealth and wisdom flourished side by side.

Thus, even before the advent of Christ, the civilization and thought in India, the Vedic culture had reached a state of supreme high idealism which the arya people wanted to propagate and share with rest of the world. Later Guptas 350 AD to 500 AD took India to new heights. It may be matter of a few decades until fresh literary, archaeological and experimental evidence is brought out that may provide further insight into the culture of the ancients, seeking answers to the common history of humanity. It is hoped that this article will benefit the readership in providing abetter understanding of the history of ancient nations and cultures. We do agree that most of you will not be convinced with dates mentioned below. Therefore we request you to check the entire site. If you do so then God willing you will lighted with the real truth about Aryas.

Here under is provided a chronological table of events from 14,200 BC. As we have the archeological evidence till 14,200 BC so we are putting what is archeologically proved. If some one is interested to know more then please check the other sites too , http://aryaculture.tripod.com,

Chronological Eras/Personals   


Vedas Middle Stage                                    

14,200 BC

King Kachwaha                                           

14,000 BC

Indra Sakand Dialouge

13,000 BC

Glaciation period

8,000 BC

Ramayana (Re written)*

6,000 BC

Adam Eve

4,200 BC

Orion Period

4,000 BC

Rajatarangini begins

3,450 BC

Gonanda-I of Kashmir

3,238 BC


3,138 BC

Geeta Written

3,139 BC

Purans (Re written)

3, 300 BC

Kali Yuga Begins

3,076 BC

Decline of Arya Civilization

3, 048 BC

Sindu Culture

3, 000 BC

Ganges Culture

2, 500 BC

Decline in Sindhu Culture

1, 600 BC


1, 200 BC

Birth Of Gautam Budha

563 BC

Birth of Mahavir Jain

540 BC

Darius the Persian conquers the Sindhu area

517-509 BC

Aryan Culture spreads to Persia

500 BC

Alexander Attacks India

323 BC

Rise of Chandargupta Maurya

324 BC to 360 BC

Rise of Ashoka the Great

273 BC to 232 BC


57 BC

Arya empire already from  to Indonesia and Arabia

22 AD

Caste System brings decline in Arya Civilization

102 AD

Vikramaditya II

392 AD

King Harsha (Last Unified Arya King of India)

606-647 AD


625 AD

Moghuls Era

1526 AD to 1720 AD

Maratha (Arya-Dasuya)  Era

1678 AD to 1819

British Era

1857 AD to 1947

Independence of India


*The Exact date when Ramayana Era is yet not clear


The continuity of Vedic culture from the distant past until today is preserved in the Rg Veda. This world's most ancient text records the happenings of many peoples; sincerely and faithfully preserved by the ancient Hindus and passed on to their subsequent generations. The Puranas also hold many geographical and historical annals of great kings and heroes who assisted in ushering principles of truth and righteousness around the globe. It is only the Hindus who have preserved authentically the records of the bygone era, a matter that they have a right to be proud about.

It is hoped that the above exercise is sufficiently convincing to indicate the necessity to study, understand and decipher the language and expression in the ancient texts which may further deliver the secrets and accomplishments of the bygone civilizations. The mystery of the common traits in the cultures and literatures of the world may also be solved by recognizing the genesis and unity in the thought of all peoples; the Rg Veda belongs to all humanity, irrespective of class, colour or creed. It also renders an idea of the required magnitude of research, sincere and a political, imperative to evaluate the older version of Indian history and rewrite it, recognizing the latest developments in archaeological and literary findings.

Will some one listen to our request and stop calling Aryas Invaders. Its the matter of identity. Britishers and Germans took away our identity and we watched like fools, we came to sence quite late. Better late than bever but now we need  mass awakening. This site is just a step towards that. 

We will never forget the support of our American and French friends who have helped us in editing this site.

Arya, aryan - definition

vyabhicarati taveksa
hy abhihito bhagavato dharmah
yam upasate tv aryah

My dear Lord, one's occupational duty is instructed in Srimad-Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita according to Your point of view, which never deviates from the highest goal of life. Those who follow their occupational duties under Your supervision, being equal to all living entities, moving and nonmoving, and not considering high and low, are called Aryans. Such Aryans worship You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. (SB 6.16.43)

 yam chae upasate sanatanam tu aryah (Narayan VP 1.9:42)

Those who are chosen ones and follow Sanatan Dharma are called aryas. (Supreme Personality of Godhead)

Who are non-Aryans?

Non Aryans are those who are not the descendents of Manu. Further Bhagwatam states those who despite of being born in Arya Clan take up faith other than Sanatan will never be allowed by Supreme Soul to take birth in Arya Clan.  Further, Persons who are led by the material conception of life do not know that the aim of life is realization of the Absolute Truth, Vishnu, or Bhagavan, and they are captivated by the external features of the material world, and therefore they do not know what liberation is. Persons who have no knowledge of liberation from material bondage are also non-Aryans.