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Hitler and Swastika

   The Ehrhardt Brigade arrives in Berlin in improvised troop transports, like this truck marked with a destroverse swastika. See, Frederic V. Grunfeld. The Hitler File . New York: Random House, 1974, 32-33.

 When in 1920 Adolf Hitler was appointed chief of propaganda for the National Socialist Party, he realized that the party needed a powerful symbol to identify it and distinguish it from rival groups. In Nazi theory, the Proto Aryans were the German's ancestors who followed the the Laws of Danu, and Hitler concluded that the swastika, which had been ''eternally anti-Semitic,'' would be the perfect symbol for ''the victory of the Aryan man.''

Actually, the swastika flag proved to be a dramatic one, and produced a hypnotic effect on the masses.

The Nazi flag was red, with a black sinistroverse swastika, most of the times appearing lying on an angle, to produce an even more dynamic illusion of circular movement.


   The photograph shows one of the first Nazi parades in which the swastika flag was carried as a party symbol.

    January, 1923. First Nazi rally in Munich. The most interesting thing in this photograph is that at that early date apparently there was no agreement about the type of swastika to use as a Nazi symbol. Even though all of them are sinistroverse ones, the flags show most swastikas laying flat on one side and also a short-legged swastika, but none of them resting on an angle, like the one chosen by Hitler.

  The "official program" or "Festschrift" of the first meeting of "The National Socialist Freedom Movement of Greater Germany," held in Weimar in 1924. It shows a sinistroverse swastika lying flat on its side.  
   "This hand guides the Reich: German youth, follow it in the ranks of the Hitler Youth." This late-20s poster shows the Nazi banner with sinistroverse swastikas standing on its angles, inscribed not in a circle but in a square. Still no agreement!

  A poster published in the early thirties by the Communist KPD denounces Hitler: "Workers, how much longer will you allow this comedy to go on? Make an end of it, vote Communist."

It shows Hitler sporting a short-legged destroverse swastika on his lapel.


 "The March into the Grave," a caricature by A. Paul Weber illustrating Ernst Niekisch's 1932 pamphlet "Hitler-ein deutsches Verhängnis" (Hitler Germany's doom), which predicted that the Nazis would lead Germany to disaster. Apparently at this time there was still some confusion about the Nazi symbol. The drawing shows a short-legged swastika standing flat on one of its legs.  
   Hitler attends a rally in Potsdam on 2 October, 1932. Behind him there is a large flag depicting the swastika inscribed in a square, not in a circle.

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"India was the mother of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages. She was the mother of our philosophy, mother through the Arabs, of  our mathematics, mother through Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity and Islam, mother through village communities of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all."

- Will Durant -